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Hands On Tooth Implant Training

Hands-on tooth implant training

Dental implants are among the most common dental procedures that help in replacing the lost teeth. Oral surgeons mostly perform this procedure. This dental procedure came as a blessing to people who lose their teeth through accidents or tooth extraction after being damaged beyond repair. The dental implant procedure if not done well can result in damage to the jaw or dental infections. Therefore, for dentists to perform the surgery they must undergo proper training. Hands-on tooth implant training is always the best since it gives the students real-life experience. Students understand better when learning through practical-based lessons.

How do the dental implants work?

The implants are fused to your jawbone to provide support for the artificial teeth so that the bridges and dentures will not shift while in your mouth. Dental implants could be necessary since there are no adjacent teeth you need to prepare to hold the replacement tooth in its place. However, before the procedure, oral hygiene is essential together with regular dental clinic visits for long-term dental implant success.

What is the importance of hands-on tooth implant training?

The way a dentist is trained makes him/her the best or the worst in this profession. Our institution offers several training courses to all the students to ensure that they can comfortably settle in the industry. Taking into account the risks associated with dental implants, if the oral surgeon lacks the necessary skills, a single blunder can lead to death or severe health complications. As a dentist here is why you need the hands-on dental implant training;

1. Increased engagement
According to scholars, students tend to understand more when the practice is hands-on based. Some courses such as dental implants which are purely a practical medical procedure can be well-trained by engaging the students directly. Our live patients and specialists, therefore, provide a platform for our students to learn as they work. The specialists only train the students for a few weeks then give them patients as they guide them on how to perform the procedure.

2. Extra practice
Regular practice makes one perfect the skills. Hands-on tooth implant training gives the students an opportunity to perform the procedure regularly as they get guidance and instant feedback from our specialists. We admit many patients in need of tooth implants and therefore providing more than enough real scenarios for our student to practice.

3. Risk mitigation
The only way dental students can get proper working experience is through the hands-on tooth implant training. Challenges in a working environment provide a better chance to learn as well as know how to handle various situations. For instance, in our institution, a gone wrong tooth implant will be perfect for making students get to understand different methods on how to tackle the situation. Mistakes are common in a working set up, however how to correct them is what matters. Our students are always the best since they learn from a working environment.

Students who go through our tooth implant training are always ahead of others regarding the skills they gain. The use of live patients is an added advantage not forgetting our pocket-friendly charges. Contact us today through our email or call at 949-257-5696 for more details.

Hands On Tooth Implant Training

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