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Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Scheduling a dental procedure abroad may sound odd first. But when you think about the cost of these procedures in America, you can't but agree that it's worth considering. For the same quality of care, Americans can save as much as 70% on dental health costs by choosing to fix their implant or have a tooth extraction abroad. With state-of-the-art practices such as Dr. Bernal Soto's, Costa Rica has grown to become one of the favorite destinations of dental tourists. 

What is the cheapest country for dental treatment? 

For many people, the potential cost savings is the primary motivating factor behind dental tourism. However, when estimating total costs, it's essential to factor the price of the procedure as well as the cost of accommodation, flight, and other travel essentials. Below is our list of the cheapest dental tourism destinations for Americans and Canadians: 

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica dental tourism is widely considered the most affordable. The country's relative closeness to America ensures travel costs are not outrageous, and the low cost of living makes it possible for tourists to live on a budget. Costa Rica also boasts numerous state-of-the-art dental practices, including Da Vinci Dental Care. The fact that the dental procedures in Costa Rica comply with international dental standards only makes Costa Rica dental tourism more appealing. 


Although the cost of dental care in Mexico may not be as cheap as Costa Rica, the country remains a popular destination among people looking for affordable dental tourism. Mexico also boasts numerous competent dentists, with a lot of them receiving their training in the US. Obviously, it's the closest to visit for Americans, especially for people living on the South Coast. 


Panama boasts world-class dental hospitals and some US-trained dentists. Some of their top dental clinics are, in fact, affiliated with dental clinics in the United States. However, the cost of dental care in the country is higher than what obtains in Mexico or Costa Rica. 


The country has come a long way in their quest to match the standards of Costa Rica dental tourism. With top-class dental clinics, cheap dental care, and a good percentage of English-speaking citizens, you can't do much wrong by choosing the Philippines for dental tourism. 

How much is dental work in Costa Rica

Naturally, the cost of dental care in Costa Rica will depend on the clinic you're visiting, as well as the kind of treatment you need. On average, Americans save up to 70% on dental care costs through Costa Rica dental tourism. 

Da Vinci's dental care is one of the more affordable top dental clinics in Costa Rica. And even with the relatively lower pricing of our dental services, you are guaranteed the best quality of care and comfort possible. 

Get in touch with the best clinic for Costa Rica dental tourism

If you've been thinking about fixing your implants or having any other dental procedure abroad, Da Vinci's Dental Care is the perfect destination for you. We have an impressive track record of providing the best of dental care to tourists, and we are eager to have you on our list of satisfied clients. Contact us today, and we'll be glad to help.


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